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I wrote a card to a friend today. I wrote a card and I put it in the post. I wrote a card after 5 days of procrastinating about it. The card said thank you. But it was so much more than just thank you. The card seemed so much smaller and so insignificant for what I wanted to say. I call this woman ‘friend’ yet I believe that this could be seen as an exaggeration from her perspective. I have known her a few short months, yet feel like she has always been there. I wrote a card to say how much I appreciate her words and her mojo. To let her know what an inspiration she is to me. To tell her how she has made me question everything in the best possible way. I wanted her to know that she has made a difference to one person, one soul. I wanted to tell her I love her because to me she represents freedom and passion and bravery. Because she is beautiful inside and out.

I wanted to tell her all that…..but instead I wrote ‘Thank You’…….I hope she sees all I didn’t say in those two words.



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