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Hormones, Contraception & Female Plumbing

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I got the letter in the mail a few weeks ago reminding me I was due for my pap smear again. I booked in to see my Dr last week and went along for the pap smear as well as a general check up. We ended up discussing the pill I was on because it had been removed from the shelves in the US and the UK because it had been linked to heart disease in long term use. The fact that I had been on and off this pill since I was 18 years old had me more than a little concerned. Anyway to cut a long story short, $84 later and having ordered the you beaut dispenser from the manufacturer, I had a new pill. Four days into taking the fantastic new pill, the news had a disturbing documentary about this particular brand, and all the women who had lost their lives, had ended up in hospital with blood clots, or were attempting to sue the  the manufacturer.

I stopped taking this pill immediately, knowing full well my weekend was going to involve painkillers and hot water bottles. I went to bed last night (Friday) at 8pm, leaving my husband to pack the dishwasher and watch TV by himself. I felt exhausted. Today I feel anxious, light headed, cold and clammy and I have the shakes a little. I just have a general feeling of ‘unwell’. This makes me wonder about all the things we so readily put into our system, and the effect it has on our bodies. So with this in mind I am going to try to stay off the contraceptive pill. My acne may blow up again, and my endometriosis may get out of control once more, but I will tackle those hurdles one at a time if/when I come to them.

I know this crappy feeling will pass as well…..


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