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Gratitude List


  1. Laughter – it stretches my face, makes my belly work, and massages my soul
  2. Those precious moments when I feel like I am where I am supposed to be
  3. Clean fresh air that makes my lungs feel alive
  4. Having choices in everything
  5. My sexuality and all that encompasses
  6. My sister’s bedtime txt messages
  7. That at the age of 39 I found a woman who inspires and motivates me with her words and actions…..I call her friend
  8. Pedicures
  9. Hair removal
  10. Kisses



2 thoughts on “Gratitude List

  1. THAT is an EPIC blog. Thank u for sharing ur experience strength n hope with us. I like how u said ud worry about it if the problems arise. By choosing not to worry, chances r it won’t manifest. It’s said all disease starts in the mind. Pretty full on, hey!
    It will pass. I’m so pleased wit ur insight. I’m so pleased u will possibly plant the seed of doubt in another persons mind about pills. I’m so pleased to see someone write a gratitude list to get out of self pity. U FUKIN BEAUTY!

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