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A moment of clarity…or insanity?

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Below is the email I sent to a friend last night. She is the reason I am starting this journey. This email is what I will begin with…..

I need to talk about something. It’s been rattling around in my head and chest for over a week now. It’s evolution…..


It hit me like a brick when we were at the zoo in Tassie. I was watching the Tassie devils eat their lunch (possum tails…YUM!) and thinking about their plight……about the fact they were creeping closer and closer to extinction. This then made me think of a lot of animals that were now extinct. It’s evolution.


Of course evolution has had a big fat helping hand from man the last few centuries. The planet and all it’s inhabitants have evolved and adapted for hundreds of millions of years. If we weren’t wiped out, we evolved into a species that was able to cope with it’s surroundings. Look at the devastation that we as humans have inflicted on the planet and her inhabitants……maybe it’s our turn……maybe cancer is evolution…..natural selection.


I know I send you random, sometimes messy shit…..I think too much…..


Thank you for allowing me on this journey with you.


One thought on “A moment of clarity…or insanity?

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, and in so doing, introducing me to yours! I’m glad your friend started you off on your blogging journey…I know that I love mine as a place to put down thoughts that have been rattling around in my head, and am sure that you will enjoy yours too! Have fun with it!

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